Football Manager 2014 Update v14.1.4.53145 – Update Patch Fixed

Football Manager 2014 Update v14.1.4.53145 – Update Patch Fixed



– Fixed rare crash/freeze during processing
– Fixed rare crash when using edited data
– Fixed rare crash in backroom advice
– Fixed rare freeze when processing

– Prevented teams from entering both Champion & EURO Cups
– Allowed overage players to feature in Swedish Reserve league* (You will need to start a new save for this fix to be in your game)

– Fixed user being sacked for not dropping a player they already sold

– Adjusted Free Kick attribute progression

– Lower league players now more willing to negotiate contract renewals

– Prevented IGE use in network game
– Fixed free agents being unable to transfer in IGE
– User can now activate Italian Serie D

– Some important improvements to the engagement of the ball player with reduced slide tackle count
– Fixed under hit near post corners that caused too many easy chances
– Fixed the worst examples of wild off target shots and passes
– Reduced long shots
– Fixed bug causing some deflections/blocks to be potentially missed
– Reduced directional change on regular player collision avoidance
– Fixed metrification bug causing full back to run to centre of pitch when overlapping
– Fixed bug where keeper storms out too fast when narrowing angle and risks overshooting target point
– Increased fouls at lower levels
– Pushed d-lines ups a bit when ball not in attacking third
– Fixed some headers being directed higher than intended
– Fixed keepers not reaching some obvious balls above their head
– Fixed some instances of players not closing down ball player including at short corner
– Fixed some instances of players not making no-brainer tackle attempt
– Tweaked default cross aim point slightly
– Some further tweaks to kick/header inaccuracy
– Improved player blocking of shots and crosses
– Fixed some minor bugs in ball deflection code
– Some general improvements to engagement of ball player
– Reduced instances of tackles leading to corners
– Some more tackles made in danger situations
– Improved detection of Clear Cut Chances when player behind defence
– Slightly more opportunistic shots taken especially when chasing a goal
– Small tweaks to some shot velocities
– Minor tweak to pass AI reducing any risky short ones under no pressure
– Full backs come a bit deeper to offer keeper pass in 4 man defences when long kicks not instructed
– Reduced instances of keeper handballs outside area
– Fixed red cards being displayed for these handballs outside area
– Stopped players running through nets
– Fix for some issues with high d-lines not positioning correctly
– Fix for some issues with clearing header direction
– Reduced instances of clearance kicks in unrealistic areas
– Fix for keepers not saving some shots dipping and hitting woodwork
– Fix for players not leaving obvious ball for keeper
– Made keepers make use of their area better after catching ball
– Reduced some long shots in deeper central areas
– Fixed some examples of Clear Cut and Half Chances being missed
– Tuned player match ratings