Injustice: Gods Among Us Updates 1 and 2 – Update Patch Fixed

Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Updates 1 and 2 – Update Patch Fixed



Fixed issues causing players to be stuck at the ‘looking for opponents’ screen
Fixed issues related to the Join Game system
Fixed a problem with players getting stuck in lobbies in Survivor if one player disconnects at a critical time
Fixed crashes related to Steam invites
Fixed a problem where players are unable to join a Player KOTH/Survivor match of 6 or more people if someone leaves
Fixed a problem where players get stuck in their own rooms and cannot progress in Survivor and KOTH matches
Fixed a problem where DLC characters and skins become no longer available after inviting a player to KOTH or Survivor that has not booted the game
Fixed a black screen crash when Shadow Quality option on NVIDIA cards is set to max
Added proper support for NVIDIA Optimus chipset
Fixed a problem with ATOC support on AMD cards