Splinter Cell Blacklist Patch v1.03 (Update 3) – Patch Fixed

Splinter Cell Blacklist Patch v1.03 (Update 3) – Update Patch Fixed



• Fix for crash on startup on DX11 with certain monitors
• Fix memory leak in DX11 constant buffer system
• Fix for hang on controller disconnect in loading screens
• Fix for hang in customize gear screen
• Fix rare crash with host disconnect
• Fix crash in loading screen after getting killed in the tunnel
• Fix hang in coop after checking computers and disconnecting
• Fix crash when equipping tri-rotor in customize gear menu
• Fix coop crash in loading screen
• Fix popup crash in lobbies
• Fix potential audio crash in preload
• Fix crash with exclusive skins in co-op
• Fix for potential hang after pausing cutscene
• Fix frag grenade crash

• Fix issues with rogue agent scoring
• Fix input for interrogation scenes
• Fix co-op interactions with missing prompts
• Fix for players reaching out of world location in certain missions
• Fix for player getting stuck in kobin back alley
• Fix capture the intel objectives when maximum intel is acquired by one team
• Fix bad spawns during transitions
• Fix getting stuck in door on a specific point on a map
• Fix for exploits in SvsM
• Fix for spy getting out of map
• Fix for merc getting stuck
• Fix for intel getting stuck on gun
• Fix door replication on a specific map in co-op
• Fix some invisible collisions
• Fix some crate collisions
• Fix for objects falling out of world
• Fix getting stuck in corner with crossbow
• Fix for spy weapon abuse
• Fix for getting stuck in transition area in co-op
• Fix for getting stuck in co-op on disconnect
• Balance tweaks for frontal attacks

• Reduce host migration failures
• Fix clients getting stuck in sessions with multiple simultaneous host migrations
• Improvements to game migration
• Improve speed of getting into game

• Fix controller detection when multiple input devices are connected
• Allow gamepad input even if window has no focus
• Debounce use key so holding it down doesn’t trigger sequence of actions
• Fix issue where player can get stuck in sprint mode

• Fix trirotor explosion
• Fix visible scope during cinematics
• Support for super widescreen aspect ratios
• Fix character rendering on customization screens on high resolution displays
• Optimise flash depth stencil buffer allocations
• Fix broken tv state
• Fix for targets appearing in bind pose
• Fix merc animation
• Fix issue with unknown resolutions

• Remove duplicated back button in dead drops sub menu
• Fix erroneous Joy1/Joy2 button prompts when using keyboard
• Fix incorrect message displayed after deploying tri rotor
• Fix mouse auto centering when buying items
• Fix for hud sometimes missing during mark & execute
• Fix with UI getting stuck in customize gear screen whilst upgrading a weapon
• Fix controller selection wheel flicker when you don’t have focus
• Fix mouse clipping issue when lowering resolution below monitor’s native resolution
• Fix loadout screen missing locks
• Fix weapon placement in customize gear screen
• Fix preview in coop lobby
• Fix view match settings during countdown
• Fix gone dark hint display
• Fix for leaderboard display corruption

• Fix sound loop for mouse over animations in the SMI
• Fix for trirotor sounds in co-op
• Fix lost sound on pause menu in coop
• Fix for audio during controller reconnection

• Make file save system more robust
• Gracefully handle corrupted save game files
• Optimise engine to improve performance



Splinter Cell Blacklist Patch v1.03:



– Money and experience are now automatically saved when the game ends due to host migration
– The host’s team is no longer guaranteed to play as Mercs first. The team will be randomly chosen to start as either Spies or Mercs.
– Removed Exit Match option during mid-match menus and halftime report.
– Made maps-specific changes to prevent spawn-killing in general and spawn-killing by drones specifically.

– Split of “Use” and “Attack” actions
– Allow controller to work even when window is not in focus
– Fix crash on loading screen when disconnecting controller
– Fix active sprint toggle

– 16:10 aspect ratio support (option in video settings for non-letterboxed mode)
– Support for 3+ GPUs
– Fix for flicking lights on certain multiple GPU setups

– Fix bug with mines not always working with NPCs
– Fix issue with assault mastery on ghost maps
– Fix freezes in certain levels
– Fix invisible collision area in certain co-op level
– Fix bug where players can get stuck at the end of a certain co-op level
– Fix crash when walking on the big pipes
– Fix issue where final cutscene may not be correctly visible

– Fix black screen when accessing after action report from lobby at certain times
– Show hack reset camera in killcam of players
– Fix mouse scroll usage on missions settings menu
– Fix some instance of incorrect button prompts
– Fix for disappearing mouse cursor on changing language settings
– Fix issue with cell feed menus
– Fix issue where player can get stuck in video settings menu
– Fix issue where restart story menu can’t be accessed
– Fix problem with selecting challenges and scrolling through list

– Fix audio volume in videos

– Improved spawn algorithm
– Extended drone exclusion radius
– Fix issue with drones not getting properly destroyed
– Prevent drones getting into spy spawning volume
– Anti-RFD helmet no longer blocks torso abilities
– Stun duration balancing
– Ensure profile and earned money is saved if host quits
– Spy loadout gadget quantity balancing
– Team assignment balancing
– Modified motion tracking
– Fix merc invulnerability exploit in certain spot
– Fix issue with sticky cam damage
– Ensure blocked players can’t join games

– Addition of optional automatic HTTP proxy detection
– Use minimal system validation on launch
– Fix Processor affinity
– Fix alt-tab crash in loading screen
– General optimisations